Order and purchase terms and conditions

These terms constitute a binding agreement between you (the Customer ordering HSE cards) and Jobbkort AS (the Service Provider).

General terms

Jobbkort.no, the website and the service, is run by Jobbkort AS (org. nr. 915 376 215).

The service entails that the Customer orders state approved HSE cards for a specific industry in the business sector, and that the Provider executes the order and ensures that the material is delivered by mail.

The manufacturer of the HSE cards is Evry Card, which is the license holder for the production of state HSE cards on behalf of the Ministry of Labour.

The agreement consists of:

1. Definitions and purpose
2. Ordering and terms and conditions
3. Obligations and authorizations
4. Price and payment
5. Delivery
6. Renewals
7. Complaints and termination
8. Information and security
9. Limitation of liability
10. Transfer
11. Disputes

1. Definitions and purpose

1.1 Definitions

A) Jobbkort AS is hereinafter referred to as “Provider”. The service Jobbkort AS offers is referred to as “the Service”.

B) The company that orders, uses and/or purchases the Service is hereinafter referred to as “customer”.

C) All content and functionality on the Service’s internet domain jobbkort.no is referred to as «the Website». This agreement is referred to as “Terms and Conditions”.

1.2 Purpose

A) The service entails that the Customer orders state approved HSE cards for a specific industry in the business sector, and that the Provider executes the order and ensures that HSE cards are delivered by mail.

B) The Service entails that the Provider must manage the HSE card arrangement for the customer.

2. Ordering and terms and conditions

A) Terms and conditions together with the customer’s order, confirmed through the order process on jobbkort.no, via integration / professional system or confirmed via e-mail or phone, form the overall basis for the agreement for the purchase and use of the Service.

B) Terms and conditions may be updated, and the current version at any given time may be read at jobbkort.no/avtale.

C) In the event of a conflict between provisions in the terms and conditions, special agreements take precedence over general agreements, and newer provisions over older agreements.

D) The customer’s order is binding when the order is registered with the Provider. Because of the nature of the task, the order cannot be cancelled after this time.

E) When ordering and/or upon acceptance of the terms and conditions, the orderer confirms to have the authorization from the customer to be able to make the order. The Provider is not held responsible if the authorization does not exist.

F) When ordering and/or upon acceptance of the terms and conditions, the Provider also accepts its data processor agreement which ensures that the data controller (customer) and data processor (Provider) understand the responsibilities and obligations of processing personal data.

3. Obligations and authorizations

3.1. The Customer’s general obligations to the Provider

A) Ensure to notify immediately of changes in company name, address, contact person and/or other legal information on an ongoing basis to [email protected].

B) Role holder according to brreg.no with the customer gives the Provider authorization with the manufacturer and the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority by delegating access to the Provider’s general manager in hmskort.no

3.2. The Customer’s obligations to the Provider after ordering

A) Check that the order confirmation is in accordance with the order.

B) Upload a new photo and/or ID if the card holder’s photo and/or ID is not recognised as soon as possible and at the latest within 30 days of notification.

C) Send an A report about employment or a report to the Assignment and Employee Register in the case of a rejected card due to a lack of employment between the customer (employer) and card holder (employee). Notification must be sent as soon as possible and at the latest within 30 days of notification.

3.4. Provider’s obligations to the client

A) Ensure to send order confirmation by e-mail to the contact person when ordering.

B) Ensure to execute the order as soon as possible.

C) Ensure to send an e-mail in the event of the rejection of a photo, ID or a lack of employment.

D) Ensure to automatically renew all HSE cards for customers that are approaching their expiry date in accordance with section 6.2.

E) Ensure to send a reminder about HSE cards that are approaching their expiry date in accordance with section 6.1. Applies to a company (customer) that has not chosen to have auto renewal.

3.5. Authorizations given by the customer to the Provider with the manufacturer and the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority

A) Conduct the application process for HSE cards.

B) Communicate.

C) Obtain data.

D) Administer access.

If the Customer requires a registration of VAT exemption, they must sign a confirmation document provided by the Service Provider and send this to the Service Provider along with a valid company certificate. If this is not provided, the Service Provider will acquire one on behalf of the Customer at a cost of 90 NOK.

4. Price and payment

4.1 Price

A) The price per HSE card is NOK 659, ex. VAT. An invoice fee of NOK 59 is added to each invoice.

B) The price is the same regardless of whether it is a first-time card or a renewal.

4.2 Payment

A) An order is invoiced with 30-day terms.

B) Invoices are sent weekly for all orders in the same week. Customers who require monthly invoices must report this to [email protected].

C) Cards and invoices are sent separately.

D) Invoices are sent via EHF (Norwegian electronic invoicing). If the customer is not registered in ELMA (Norwegian electronic recipient address register) to receive EHF, then an invoice is sent by e-mail.

E) In the event of late payment, interest on late payment and an early payment fee accrues in accordance with government rates.

5. Delivery

5.1 Card number

A) The Provider sends the card number to the customer by e-mail. The card number can also be seen on the order status page.

5.2 Temporary HSE card

A) The Provider sends a temporary HSE to the customer by e-mail when the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority has approved the validation of employment, photo and identification.

B) A temporary HMS card is valid for 60 days from the date it is produced, unless otherwise specified on the temporary card.

5.3 Physical card

A) Cards are sent by post with Posten Norge.

B) Cards are sent to the delivery address stated in the order status page.

C) The Provider does not take responsibility for delivery to addresses that are not correct.

D) The customer is responsible for the mailbox being marked with the recipient’s company name or a private person’s address using a ℅ address.

E) If the card is returned, the Provider will automatically send the card to the post address stated in the unit register in the Brønnøysund Register Centre.

6. Renewals

6.1 Reminder and order

A) The customer gives the Provider acceptance to be able to contact registered contact persons about renewals via e-mail, SMS and telephone with the aim of informing that the card holder’s card will expire and must be renewed.

B) The customer orders renewal of card by ordering at jobbkort.no or acceptance/ordering via e-mail, SMS or phone. The Provider is obliged to send an order confirmation.

6.2 Auto renewal

A) With auto renewal, no reminder will be sent to the customer.

B) The Provider is obliged to renew cards where there is active employment between the customer (employer) and card holder (employee) 5 weeks before the expiry date. If there is no active registered employment, the card will not be renewed.

C) The Provider is obliged to send an e-mail about cards that have been renewed with information about the status page.

6.3 Production

A) Production of cards that must be renewed takes place approximately 5 weeks before the expiry date, unless otherwise specifically agreed between the parties.

7. Complaints and termination

7.1 Complaints

A) Complaints must be made in writing to [email protected].

7.2 Termination

A) The agreement runs until it is terminated in writing by one of the parties.

B) Termination must be in writing to [email protected].

8. Information and security

A) The Provider makes every effort to process personal and company information in a secure manner.

B) The Provider does not sell information to third parties, nor exchange or give such information to others.

C) The information is not shared or sold on to other commercial operators, except in cases where it is necessary to be able to offer products or services which the client has requested.

D) No third party has access to the data files or database of the Service, with the exception of system providers which the Provider must use to maintain its terms.

E) The Provider has the right to be able to send the customer newsletters and information about other services/products which the Provider offers.

9. Limitation of liability

A) The Provider makes every effort to deliver the cards as quickly as possible in accordance with the order. The customer accepts that the Provider cannot be held responsible, either directly or indirectly, for any damages or losses resulting from faulty or delayed delivery, or failure to follow up on HSE cards where their validity is about to expire, or has expired. This is included, but not limited to loss of profit, commission or customer. The exclusion of liability applies even if the customer or third party has made the Provider aware of the possibility of such damage.

B) The Provider is not responsible for ensuring the quality of information provided by the customer during the order. The customer is solely responsible for storing the cards safely. Lost cards must be reordered and the price is the same as for a new card.

C) The Provider strives to provide good and correct information on the website. However, text and links may contain errors and/or omissions, and the Provider disclaims any liability for any consequences for the customer or third parties.

10. Transfer

A) The Provider has the right to transfer the Service, and thus the customer relationship in accordance with this agreement, in whole or in part, to another company in the event of an acquisition, merger or transfer.

11. Disputes

A) Disputes in connection with these terms and conditions, as well as disputes concerning trade with the Provider, follow Norwegian law and fall under the ordinary dispute resolution bodies and courts with the Provider’s current business address as decisive for the choice of venue.

Last updated 14th December 2022.