Who are required to carry HSE cards?

All companies performing construction, building or cleaning work in Norway are required by the Ministry of Labour to provide HSE cards for all their employees. The Labour Inspection Authority are responsible for enforcing this law.

Why are HSE cards necessary?

The HSE cards function as ID cards that identify employers and employees, and as such help prevent illicit work, social dumping, illegal immigration etc. This also prevents businesses that operate illegally from gaining a competitive advantage.

What are the requirements for ordering a HSE card?

The employee must have a Personal ID number or D-number to apply. They must also be registered in the NAV State Register for Employers and Employees (Aa-registeret). If you are the owner of an ENK, DA or ANS you do not need to be part of this register.

Foreign workers only need to register with the Central Office for Foreign Tax Affairs (Sentralskattekontoret for utenlandssaker).

The employer must be registered with the Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities (Enhetsregisteret) as well as the VAT register (Merverdiavgiftsregisteret). Cleaning companies also require authorization from the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority.

Apply for authorization here.

How do I order a HSE card?

Send us your organization number, a passport photo and a scan of your ID and we’ll do the rest.

Order for building and construction

Order for cleaning services

How long does it take to get a HSE card?

You will receive the card by mail no later than 14 days after placing your order. After you place your order we will send you a confirmation, which acts as a valid form of ID until you receive your HSE card.

Can employees work before the card arrives?

We will send an order confirmation as soon as we receive your order. The order confirmation acts as valid identification at your place of work until the card arrives in the mail. The confirmation must be presented upon request. Employers can demand that employees wait for the HSE card before starting work.

Do enkeltpersonforetak require HSE cards?

Yes, even ENK owners are required to have HSE cards. However, you do not have to be registered in the NAV State Register of Employers and Employees (Aa-registeret) in order to obtain this.

Do foreign workers require HSE cards?

Yes. To apply you require a Personal ID number or D-number, and you must be registered with the Central Office for Foreign Tax Affairs (Sentralskattekontoret for utenlandssaker). If you are from outside the EEA, you will need to provide a work and residence permit.

What is a D-number?

A D-number is a temporary ID number. All foreign workers with a work and residence permit in Norway will be assigned a D-number from the Central Office for Foreign Tax Affairs (Sentralskattekontoret for utenlandssaker).

I work for several companies, can I use the same HSE card for all of them?

No, the card is tied to a specific employment and a specific employer. Each employer must provide you with a HSE card, and you must carry the correct card when performing work for the employer.

How long is the card valid for?

As long as you work for the same company the card is valid for up to two years. We will get in touch with the employer when the card is about to expire. A new card must be ordered if the employee changes jobs in the two-year period.

My HSE card is about to expire, what should I do?

If you card is about to expire you must renew it. This is also the case if you change employers. Contact us and we will help you order a new card.

What are the consequences of not having a valid HSE card?

The company will be required by the Labour Inspection Authority to obtain cards. If the company fails to do this the Labour Inspection Authority can deny employees the right to work. Serious infringements will be reported to the police, and could lead to imprisonment for up to three months.

Exceptions to the HSE submission requirements

There are some cases where the standard HSE requirements for employees or employers cannot be met:

  • The company has not yet reached the required turnover to join the VAT-register.
  • Board members working in ANS or DA are not registered in the NAV State Register of Employers and Employees (Aa-registeret).
  • Owners of enkeltpersonforetak and their spouses are not registered in the NAV State Register of Employers and Employees (Aa-registeret).

In these cases, Jobbkort.no can register the company or the individuals as exempt from the requirements, so that workers can be provided with HSE cards.

ENK owners need to supply a signed declaration with their name and Personal ID number/D-number. If applicable they must here confirm that their spouse works for the company.