Cookies are small text files that store data about how visitors interact with a website. uses cookies to improve the customer experience across all devices. Cookies are not used to identify individuals who use the website, but rather to collect statistical data, such as the number of visitors on a given day and the most visited websites, as well as to remember your settings for the next time you visit.

Cookies are also used by advertising companies, such as Google Ads. This means that if you visit a website that displays Google adverts after visiting, there is a larger change that you will see an ad from

Can I disable cookies, and what happens if I do that?

It is possible to turn off cookies, but it may have negative effects on your user experience. If you still wish to disable cookies, you can do so in your browser settings:

What are the legal requirements?

Websites that use cookies are required by law to inform users about this, as specified in§ 2-7 b of the Electronic Communications Act. Users are also required to consent to the use of cookies. By accessing with a browser that has cookies enabled, you consent to the use of cookies.