What are HSE cards?

Employees working in cleaning companies or at building and construction sites must carry HSE cards.

Vindusvasker som arbeider

Employees working in cleaning companies or at building and construction sites must carry HSE cards.

HMS-kort for byggebransjen
HMS-kort for renholdsbransjen

The cards identify the employee and the company they work for. In order to acquire HSE cards, the employee and the employee must be listed in several registers.

Because the card regulation requires documentation by the company and the employee, it is easier to ensure compliance with rules and regulations. The regulation therefore helps prevent illicit employment, violations of the Working Environment Act and other illegal practices.

The HSE regulation is imposed by the Ministry of Labour, but enforced by the Labour Inspection Authority, who is authorized to fine companies that do not comply.

Who needs HSE cards?

All employees at building and construction sites and in cleaning companies need HSE cards.

Individual contractors (sole proprietors) require HSE cards, even if the owner of the company is the only worker. The regulation also includes those performing supporting functions at building and construction sites, such as architects, caterers and transporters that access the site on a regular basis.

This also applies to building and construction workers and cleaners in the private sector.

Who oversees the HSE regulation?

The Labour Inspection Authority is responsible for enforcing the regulation.

The cards may be inspected by:

  • the Labour Inspection Authority
  • the Petroleum Safety Authority
  • the Norwegian Tax Administration
  • the police
  • safety representatives
  • construction clients
  • HSE coordinators

When multiple companies operate on the same site, the company responsible for coordinating safety measures may inspect the cards.

Cleaning companies also require authorization from the the Labour Inspection Authority to operate in Norway.

What are the consequences of not having a HSE card?

Employers are responsible for ensuring safe working conditions. This includes providing employees with HSE cards.

The Labour Inspection Authority will fine companies that do not comply with the regulation.

Companies that fail to provide the cards will be required to do so by the Labour Inspection Authority. Failure to comply means employees could be denied the right to work. Serious infringements could be reported to the police, and result in prison sentences.

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