Order authorized HSE card from Jobbkort

IDEMIA is the only government-approved supplier of HSE cards, and provides the cards that you order from Jobbkort.

Arbeider på en anleggsplass

IDEMIA is the only government-approved supplier of HSE cards, and provides the cards that you order from Jobbkort.

Note that this article was written in 2019. As of January 2020 IDEMIA no longer prints the official cards. The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority has changed their provider to Evry Card. The cards offered by Jobbkort AS are now being produced by Evry Card, the only authorized card producer from January 2020.

All companies operating at building and construction sites, or in the cleaning sector, must provide employees with HSE cards. It is the employers’ responsibility to comply with the HSE regulation.

The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority oversees the regulation, and the Department of Labour grants authorization to supply cards.

Only cards from IDEMIA are valid

HSE cards ensure safer working conditions in the sectors where they are required. This is because both employers and the employees must meet certain conditions to obtain HSE cards.

The cards that you order from us are printed by IDEMIA. This means they comply with the standards set by the Labour Inspection Authority.

HMS-kort for byggebransjen
HMS-kort for renholdsbransjen

These are the official cards supplied by IDEMIA Evry Card (from 2020).

These HSE cards comply with the legal requirements.

The HSE cards are equipped with an RFID-chip, a contactless microchip. The microchip stores information about the employee and the company they work for.

The chip stores:

  • the company’s name and organization number
  • the first and last name of the employee
  • the gender and date of birth of the employee
  • the card number
  • the card’s expiry date

Cards may be inspected

Employees must present a valid HSE cards upon inspection. Inspections can be performed by police, safety representatives, construction clients, HSE coordinators or representatives from the Labour Inspection Authority, the Norwegian Tax Administration or the Petroleum Safety Authority.

Companies that do not comply with the HSE regulation are required to correct this. If HSE cards are not acquired, employees can be denied the right to work. Serious infringements could be reported to the police and result in prison sentences.

Companies can be fined for expired cards. Ensure that you renew the HSE cards prior to the expiry date. If you have ordered cards from us previously, we will contact you before your card expires to remind you to renew it.

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